Frequently ASked questions

Alexa Rose at Sirens on the Mountain 2018,  photo Jill Harman Smith

Alexa Rose at Sirens on the Mountain 2018, photo Jill Harman Smith


What's the weather going to be like?

We're pretty sure it's going to be 1000% perfect, rain or shine.  However, the high country can get chilly at night so please bring a warm sweater, long pants, a hat, perhaps, and if you are camping....a warm sleeping bag.  

We would like you to ALSO bring: a chair, sunscreen, a flashlight, and bug repellent.  

Where do I park?

To minimize vehicle traffic on the festival field, we ask that you park along River Road and walk in.  There will be a golf cart to help shuttle you and your things from River Road onto the festival field.  Think of it like this: the only cars that drive over the bridge onto the site should be `1) ADA/Handicapped or 2) Car Camping....and you ALREADY have a ticket for that.  Please help us reduce two way traffic by parking on the road. WE REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!!!!

When you park along the road, please be mindful and cautious. The recent heavy rains three weeks ago impacted River Road significantly. Use caution, and be assured, we are at the ready with a golf cart to help you enter the festival. When not shuttling others, the golf cart will be waiting on the road to assist you. Drive up to the entrance 839 River Road, and the golf cart will follow you to your parking spot down the road. After the show the shuttle will also be running. Thanks for your cooperation as we get folks into the festival site.

What is the deal with buying beer or wine? Do I need the “Spirited Ticket”?

The short answer is YES, to buy beer or wine you must have a Spirited Ticket and a corresponding wristband.

The ABC laws in the dry county of Watauga mandate that we may no longer sell alcohol by the DRINK, but we may sell a ticket that includes alcohol. This ticket is our Spirited Ticket. It includes 5 drink tickets and a wristband. (Please bring a valid government issued photo ID.) This ticket costs $20 more than a regular Admission Ticket. Five beer/wine drinks for $20. Best deal in town. Please note: you cannot drink alcohol on the festival field without a wristband signifying you are of age. This means everyone drinking at Sirens must buy a Spirited Ticket. We are responsible for your safety; we need you to abide by these rules, PLEASE.

We have had people say they’re not interested in having FIVE drinks. If you enter with someone and want to split drink tickets with people in your party, and one person buys a Spirited Ticket and the other a regular Admission Ticket…..we are okay with that provided everyone has ID and wristbands.

If you have an Admission Ticket but now realize you want a Spirited Ticket, we will be offering the option to upgrade for $20 when you arrive. Make sure to bring that photo ID.

Will those Sirens steel pint tumblers be available for sale this year?

SHould I bring mine from home?

We will have some of those tumblers for sale, and they will be available at the merch tent. PLEASE NOTE: If you are drinking beer at Sirens, please bring your Sirens steel 16oz pint tumbler. Beer will be served either in your re-useable Sirens steel tumbler (or one like ours that is the EXACT SAME SIZE). BRING YOUR STEEL 16OZ TUMBLER. (or buy one at the festival, that’s fine too.)


NO.  Withdraw cash for all festival purchases before you come out to Todd. If you arrive without cash and need to buy something - ANYTHING - food, merch, treasures from our fine vendors, some music from our artists, a henna tattoo, if you want something, you will need cash money, and if you need cash .....we can give you directions to the closest ATM - the Food Lion down the road in Deep Gap about 15 minutes away.

Still No Cell pHone Service out there?

You remember it well.  Indeed, the towers and the satellites have not yet found a way to bounce into the hollar. Use this day as an opportunity enjoy the “the luxury of unplugging”. FYI>>>>Last year we were able to set up a landline for outgoing calls, located near the entrance to the festival field. We plan on having that available again. If you need to use it and can’t seem to locate it - ask a volunteer. cards?

You might have guessed.  What with no ATM and no cell phone service, we can't run credit cards either.  We're working on options, but for now, Sirens on the Mountain is a cash money only event.  

What food and drinks will be available?

If you want to pack in a picnic, please feel free, but do remember THIS: no outside alcoholic beverages are allowed on the festival field, as per our alcohol permit.

Food and beverages will be available for purchase at the event.  Proceeds benefit the Mountain Mermaids Collective. We will be selling hamburgers (with or without cheese), veggie burgers, burritos (pork & veggie), and a hummus plate. Vegan and Gluten Free options will be available. Snacks and non alcoholic drinks are for sale at the Merch tent: chips, candy, soda and bottled water.  Water stations will be available on site if you wish to refill your own water bottle. 

Can I bring my pet to Sirens?

Sadly, no.  Please make other arrangements for your furry friends.  Please email if you need a recommendation for a pet sitter or kennel; we would be happy to help.

Sirens on the Mountain abides by ADA guidelines and owners of Service Dogs/Pets are requested to abide by Federal Service Dog regulations. If your service dog does not abide by these regulations - including but limited to 1) being on a leash and under the owner’s control AT ALL TIMES, 2) no aggressive behavior 3) no whining, barking or other noise 4) no picking food or other items up off the floor or “stealing” them - you and your dog will be asked to leave the festival.

I heard something about free camping…?

We sell a very limited number of car camping tickets, in an effort to honor the intimate space and cut down on vehicle traffic.  We have, however, left some space for “walk in sites”, where people can pitch a tent on the festival grounds.  These spots are first come, first serve.  We will help you shuttle in your gear, but you must park your car on River Road.

Will you be offering reduced ticket prices for young people?

YES! we want the whole family to have fun at Sirens. Kids 12 and under are free. Young people 12-18 are $10 each. This discount will only be offered at the ticket booth on the day of the concert.

Can I have a fire at my CAMPsite?

YOU MAY NOT HAVE A FIRE, as per the fire marshal.  Small portable grills are allowed.

I want to camp but I need to go offsite at 5PM.  can i leave the festival field and come back?

Due to traffic logistics, there will be no car pass-outs.  If you want to come set up your campsite and then leave the festival midway through the event, you will need to park on the road.  We will definitely help you load in your tent or essential equipment, though, have no fear.

Can I record the performances?

We salute those who wish to make audio recordings.  If the artists have any restrictions on audio recording, we will inform you at the concert.