High Country Fairgrounds ~ Boone, North Carolina    June 18, 2016


Once again, Sirens on the Mountain was a magnificent event.  We thank YOU for all the gifts brought to the fairgrounds.

To the Artists: your gifts of music were spectacular and truly inspiring.  We at Sirens are thrilled to bring world class musicians to the High Country each year.  Thank you for allowing us to make good on that promise.

To the Vendors: WOW!  What beautiful artistry, work and wares!  What delicious food!  Thank YOU for your participation and support.  We shine and glitter in large part because of your efforts.

To the Sponsors: We could NOT do this without your generosity.  THANK YOU.

To the Volunteers and Interns: We truly know what it takes to make the Sirens machine run behind the scenes. There is no lone magical "Wizard of Oz" at work, but rather a team of dedicated kind people....kindred spirits.  THANK YOU ALL!!!  

and last but DECIDEDLY NOT LEAST, to the Audience:

THANK YOU for being a part of this wild wooly grand old time.  Sirens 2016 was a success, and we are already planning for next year!  (Look for tickets on sale very VERY SOON!)  Without you, we surely would not continue.  With you, and with your support, we have the courage and returns to envision future Sirens on the Mountain festivals, and we look forward to hosting even more events throughout the year.  We look forward to seeing you again very, very soon.

Until that NEXT TIME, remember that day by perusing through this gallery of 2016 moments.  The magic of Sirens truly lingers in the mind, in the ears, on the palate - in the HEART.  You are GLORIOUS!!!! Thank you for sharing.