The Pursuit of Happiness

It is an odd feeling to be torn between speechless and livid, brimming over with so much to say and yet stupified/paralyzed by the reality upon us, here in North Carolina, the reality that is HB2.  You may have heard of this recent bit of legislation here; you may know it as the "bathroom law".

We know it as the most recent example of a government turned sideways, gone wrong...bananas shaugnessy.  Every day there is the hope that perhaps it will all be a bad dream, that this new hateful law will be repealed.  That suddenly - miraculously - our state representatives will come to their senses and restore personal liberty.

Unfortunately that has not been the case.  In light of this ongoing injustice, we feel it is important to state clearly how We Feel, and how it Will Be at Sirens on the Mountain.

ALL PEOPLE ARE WELCOME - and - all attendees may use the bathroom (port-a-potty) of their choice.  

We support all people in their chosen sexual identity and defend their right to express it.

We reserve the right to create a safe space for people of all races, religions, sexual identities and orientations.

It is our choice and decision to move forward Sirens on the Mountain in the beautiful High Country of North Carolina.  While others have made different decisions, we have chosen to stay the course.  For more on the rationale behind this decision, please read on here:

We truly believe all solutions are achieved through dialogue.  It is our sincere hope that you will continue to include Sirens on the Mountain in your summer plans, and, on your journey, engage others.  We love our patrons, and think you all are are very intelligent and speak well for yourselves.  Speak.  Engage.  Love.  LIVE HOW YOU CHOOSE.  

We look forward on seeing you on the mountain!

One Final Note from Nina Simone.  #truth