It's the little things....

....that show you care.  We all know that's true.  The little things add up: the thoughtful heartfelt well placed sentiment...the wink, the kiss.  The song that starts your day gangbusters and keeps your boogie going strong through into the night.

That's what we want to share with you today, a song from one of our most favorite artists, Laura Blackley.  We are thrilled that she'll be performing at Sirens on the Mountain 2016. 

This song is one of the dozen tracks on Sirens on the Mountain, Volume 1, available EXCLUSIVELY as a thank you gift to those donors who contribute at the $10 level.  This album is a pretty great thing, packed with songs from sweet Sirens 2014 alumnae (Melissa Reaves, Rising Appalachia and Shannon Whitworth, to name a few) -  available ONLY AT INDIEGOGO.  This donation definitely qualifies as a win-win: you get some kill tunes, and you also help make Sirens on the Mountain sustainable.  Music, fun, friends, summer - what's not to love about Sirens?  

Our suggestion: enjoy your weekend wherever you find yourself, stay warm and dry (it's snowing in the Northeast?!?!!?), and kick back with Sirens on the Mountain, Vol 1.   You only need to donate TEN BUCKS, and hey, like we said up top, it's the little things that show you care.  Indeed, lots of little can make a BIG DIFFERENCE.  

Help us keep Sirens going for many years to come.  Donate today & collect your digital download thank you gift.  Don't forget to buy your Sirens tickets (Supporter Tickets also available at the Indiegogo Fundraiser) .....and see you on the mountain!