Kindred Spirit

It is a joy to share Sirens of the Mountain artist Megan Palmer with you.  Megan is truly a kindred spirit – a woman who rocks, who rolls, who GLIDES. Her indie alt-country rhythms ride the tide and her graceful melodies smooth the edges.  It’s GOOD.  Currently – Spring 2016 - Ms. Palmer is poised to release her new album, “What She’s Got to Give.”  This album’s energy is forged from the emotional expectations and propelling ambition that drive her recent move from Brooklyn, New York to Nashville, Tennessee.  The new cuts bring energy and shining promise, along with Ms. Palmer’s usual fine melodies.  You can catch a glow off Megan Palmer, in a way.    

Megan Palmer & Jeff Burke, “Break Me Down”


We truly look forward to Megan’s Sirens on the Mountain set.  Recently Megan toured with Tim Easton – here is a top notch video of their time together on another summer sun filled stage.

Tim Easton and Megan Palmer, The Gladden House Sessions 2015

We have a special place in our heart for every Sirens artist, past, present and future.  What’s magic is that we can say about so many of them – and YOU – that we are kindred spirits, linked in heart and mission.  We are proud to say Megan Palmer is one of those kindred spirits too.


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Have a great weekend, friends, and SEE YOU ON THE MOUNTAIN!