Only SIX days of Early Bird left....


The birds don't just get up early for the fun of it.  There are worms!  Or, in this case, TICKETS.  It's not an April Fool's trick - SIRENS TICKET PRICES WILL GO UP ON THE FIRST OF APRIL - so why not get your tickets now?  

Eventbrite - Sirens on the Mountain

Don't forget that Sirens Supporter tickets are available as well, and the only place to pick those up is at our Indiegogo Fundraiser.  


In addition to a seated viewing area and complimentary refreshments at the Festival, you also receive a copy of Sirens on the Mountain, Volume 1 (digital download of past performances), and a Sirens 2016 t-shirt.  Bang for the buck, no doubt.  

So make sure your cash clatters, booms and resoundingly BANGS: take advantage of Sirens early bird pricing, or grab a Supporter ticket while supplies last.  The event is shaping up nicely, and we look forward to celebrating the summer with all of YOU at Sirens 2016.  See you on the Mountain!